About Us

In 1995 Lex Gutsche, a farmer with a dream and family backing opened Woodlands Dairy in Humansdorp. (In the interim we’ve taken on other shareholders.)  

Initially Woodlands Dairy was primarily packaging UHT milk, but since then they have expanded to many products, including Cheese, Custard, Dairy Snacks, High Protein Milk, flavoured milk called Milki, Velvet Dairy Dessert and more.  

Woodlands Dairy is the home of FIRST CHOICE®, the brand for their own range of products. Besides FIRST CHOICE®, Woodlands Dairy also processes, produces and packages high-quality house brand dairy products for leading retailers such as SPAR and Woolworths. 

 In 2022 Woodlands Dairy bought Fairfield Dairy in KZN. So, while the main production plant is based in Humansdorp, Woodlands Dairy also has a production plant in the Midlands. There are about 1700 permanent staff in the company, guided strongly by ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles. 

During Covid we saw the need for an online shop and here we are – here to satisfy your dairy needs.