Velvet | Chocolate - 1 x 6 pack (1L)
Velvet | Chocolate - 1 x 6 pack (1L)

Velvet | Chocolate - 1 x 6 pack (1L)

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Halaal   Made in SA             


First Choice Velvet is a versatile dairy dessert used to make mouthwatering desserts, from drinks to ice-creams and mousses.


This delectable dessert is available in 4 flavours namely: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Butterscotch.


Not only great tasting but convenient too! Velvet is such a great pantry staple with 9 months shelf life unopened, you can always have magic at hand. Don’t get caught without it!

What can you do with Velvet?

  • Whip to create a light decadent mousse
  • Freeze after whipping to create a luxurious yet affordable ice-cream (It doubles in volume)
  • Pour it over a baked pudding like Malva, for a rich & creamy flavour
  • Bring to the boil to make a thick sauce
  • Pour into a tart base after boiling to cool down for a quick but stunning tart
  • Use to make milkshakes
  • Enjoy over crushed ice
  • Or anything else you can dream up!

Recipe Suggestions: