Milk | Skim Long Life  -1 x 6 pack (1L)
Milk | Skim Long Life  -1 x 6 pack (1L)

Milk | Skim Long Life -1 x 6 pack (1L)

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Halaal     Made in SA            

First Choice UHT Milk is available in full cream, low fat, and skim milk variants with a partially plant-based closure for convenient opening, pouring, and re-closing.

What’s G-Free?

First Choice UHT Milk is germ-free with guaranteed uncompromised quality.

Sustainability is our Priority

Rest assured that Woodlands Dairy, home of the First Choice brand is committed to working towards sustainability. Our sustainability journey started in 2012 and has led to many firsts in our industry:

  • Thanks to our partnership with Tetra Pak, we were the first dairy in South Africa to introduce closures that are partly made from bio-based material.
  • Our partnership with Trace & Save enables our milk producers to reduce their environmental impact and conduct socially responsible practices.
  • 2016 – We were the first dairy in South Africa to implement a biomass boiler which uses a sustainable energy source and allows us to avoid producing carbon dioxide emissions that harm the environment.
  • Since 2017 we have implemented an on-site wastewater treatment plan.
  • That’s not all! Find out more (

The Benefits of Milk

  • Dairy provides between 70% to 90% of the calcium that is needed daily which helps your body to build strong bones and teeth and maintains bone mass
  • Calcium from milk gets absorbed well and is digested easily
  • Milk contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B12 & B2, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc
  • Potassium in milk helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure
  • Protein in milk serves as a source of energy and repairs muscle tissue