Instant Milk Powder | Full Cream - 500g

Instant Milk Powder | Full Cream - 500g

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Halaal     Made in SA

You can trust First Choice Instant Milk Powder, which is made from fresh cow’s milk that has been pasteurised and then undergoes the spray drying process.  First Choice Instant Milk Powder is delicious, nutritious and convenient.  First Choice Instant Milk Powder has a creamy, delicious, milky taste.  That’s because it is made with 100% cow’s milk.  This means that it is naturally high in calcium, and is extra fortified with Vitamins A and D. It dissolves directly into water in the home and easily reconstitutes to produce a fresh, delicious tasting, nutritious glass of milk. One 500g pack of instant milk powder, makes 4 litres of real milk.

Nutrient Per 100 g 
Energy(kj)   1921
Total Fat (g)   28.7
Calcium (g)  912


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